Where are you interning this summer?

#BestPlaceToIntern is a survey being conducted by Corporate Shiksha under its Career Launchpad Initiative. The purpose of this program is to identify top companies that are aspirational employer brands for India’s graduating class.

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#1 Take a selfie

Let the world see your happy self at workplace.

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Post your Social Media URL’s and share opinions on your workplace in the Best Place to Intern survey.

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Get a chance to become ‘Intern of the week’ and win weekly rewards.

Whats in it for me?

Benefits for Students for participating in #BestPlaceToIntern

How to win Intern of the Week contest?

Top 5 participants with highest social score will be chosen for a lucky draw which will determine the winner.

On Facebook, 1 Like = 1 point and 1 Share = 5 points. On Twitter, 1 Favorite = 1 point and 1 Re-Tweet = 5 Point.

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Are you interning this summer?

Participate in Corporate Shiksha’s ‘Best Place to Intern 2015’ survey and get amazing reward and recognition!

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